Saturday, January 11, 2020

Starbucks Hottie

OMG, I've found the right bipolar meds and this buff young man got my attention, got many guys' attention as all the tables had daddies and other gay men wanting to make eye contact.  

Starbucks Hottie, unedited. 

So what is it with me that not only got eye contact, a smile, and a laugh ... his reply "that's a good one," and my bipolar advantage" I was feeling so good I wanted to have fun, I wanted to write, I wanted what all aging gay men want, first base...batter up!

You know when you order a coffee beverage they ask you your name, well I bought water and a raspberry seltzer water and got on the line to pay and said, "FLIRT ALERT" you aren't going to ask me my name we both smiled.

Life is short if you can't get to first base at least hit the ball and be tagged out and get your ass into a batting cage and practice.

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