Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Some of the Best Conversations are at the Supermarket

Some of the Best Conversations are at the Supermarket 

I'm in Shoprite and women says to me are you Italian, I say yes and she then asks what's the difference between Prosciutto and Pancetta, I said one has 9 letters the other 8 letters.

Then over at the frozen foods section of the store, a lovely couple as chatty as I am are in looking into the frozen veggie section, she says let us get out of your way, I said that's okay I'm taller and can see over your shoulders. So of course dieting is mentioned. 
I go to checkout grab the wrong cart that has nothing but water whos behind me the lovely couple who says I know you are dieting but just water. Oh crap, I run back to find my cart and run back to the line, too funny.

Today made me think of my Dad and he used to get his exercise at the supermarket starting in the bakery - dairy and 19 aisles in between. I do the same thing and sure enough, it's genetic.

Some of your best conversations are at the Supermarket, have a nice chat your next time your out shopping.

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