Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Universal Hello and Gestures

Loneliness and how I cope.

I went for a walk and as I exited the building the same really sweet older women who speak little English are sitting in the community room like clockwork, like eight years of clockwork so I pop in to see them. They don't always see me and when they do they say "Steve" and make gestures as to what's up. When I'm depressed I make a sad face, when I'm tired I place my hands and tilt my head, they say goodnight.

On good days I have a routine to make us laugh, the same routine, same eight years... where I creep into the room and the two sitting in the alcove who can't see me, I go boo!!! The smiles are priceless.

On days I'm out and I'll pick up some candy, boxed chocolates, pastry and I share with them, the gesture on those days is them pointing at my belly and "Lucy." who speaks a few sentences...says to me how many months like I'm pregnant, and communicates to the others, they say too much, not good.

I reside in a building of Italians, Armenians, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and others I can't remember right now. What ties the ones I know especially those with a language barrier is the universal hellos and gestures we share with each other.

There are days when I pop in and only see one of them sitting there and I gesture hands up, meaning "what's up," and at times get back is a sad face and I sit for a spell as I know loneliness as well.

Then there are days when I pop in and only see one of them sitting there and I gesture "what's up," what I get back is the gesture of raising hand from bowl to mouth meaning they are eating dinner and yes I gesture back by rubbing my belly and we smile.

Gesture "smile," tonight I'm not alone.