Wednesday, October 23, 2019

SIM Card Experience Humor

Sim Card Experiences both of these are from the same call.
October 12, 2019

A problem with my visual voicemail, so I call customer service and get the automated operator who asks me a few questions so I start to push buttons until I got a voice saying," are you calling from the phone ending in 4657 if yes press #1,"  so I push # 1.  
Now in a short few words, tell me what's the problem, for example, "are you having problems with your visual voicemail."

She says let's begin. In a few short words tell me what's your problem? "I say I'm having the same problem as the example you gave me?

Different Day.
October 23, 2019
Not sure what a SIM card LQQKs like (see the photo above.) This SIM card came in the mail. I had to change the one I had with a new one I got nervous and I dropped it next to the other and got confused which is the new one. 

So I called my carrier and the Rep says read me the numbers I said let me look in the box to see if you sent a microscope. We had a good laugh.

He then says use your fingers to expand the image and tell me what you see. "I said the winning numbers for tonight's lottery," he said are there any letters, "I said yes "GOOD LUCK."
I said am I holding you up he said no I needed this call you are too funny. I said, "I use humor when I'm nervous," and that's why my hands were shaking and dropped the SIM card, to begin with.

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