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My Favorite Part of My Day : June 04, 2019

My Favorite Part of My Day:  June 04, 2019 
       Inspired by Linda.    
               (Unedited version)

       In a meeting recently the phrase time-management was tossed around, someone compared themselves to me saying I can't work like he does, an accurate statement as I experience and manage my manic episodes pretty good using a combo of medication and holistic alternative approaches, like  walking meditation, and enjoy walking into town, my favorite part of my day.  

      Today's destination the pharmacy and while there I sat down to chill some and met Linda.  What types of conversations do people have in pharmacies... medications?

Linda and I hit it off as we both kept stopping each other saying remind me of your name again, give me a hint, the first letter and it stuck, as our conversation was on a topic we both know very well anxiety.
      Linda talked about her husband, asked if I was married, we share pleasantries, as we both eased into our personal stories.  Linda had shared that she had stopped her medication without doctors supervision, I said that's the worst thing you can do.  

      I shared that I take my script as needed and I split the pills when I need just a little extra when my alternative natural deep breathing exercise isn't working that well, she replied sounds like you have it mastered and I replied I do for the most part and that it takes work (practice) with your therapist and pdoc (short for psychiatrist).

       Our conversation winded down as I needed to get moving, manage my time, squeeze in a sit-down lunch before squeezing in twenty minutes of Vitamin D, the natural kind..." SUNSHINE"

      According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness, NAMI:
 1 in 5 adults in America experiences a mental illness.  
Nearly 1 in 25 adults (10 million) live with a serious mental illness.
For Additional Information visit

For information on Holistic approach to mental health click on this helpful link: Hollistic Approach to Mental Health

Linda until our paths cross again, be well and God Bless

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  1. very nice post! :) I love the artwork too, so clever