Friday, January 4, 2019

Who doesn't like receiving greeting cards

What a nice surprise from one of my bipolar bear friends, many who know my love for Polar Bears have sent me images, greeting cards, and magnets.  Thank you Mark D. 

Ever curious about the origin of Greeting Cards -->  CLICK HERE -->  Greeting Card History

Have a nice weekend all.

Other bears of mine:

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Is Sugar addictive and why is it sold in Pharmacies?

My two cents:

Okay, not that I'm in favor of the sale of tobacco at pharmacies, but what about sugar/candy.  

I just got back from Rite Aide and while standing in line to check out, are shelves of wrapped candy as if candy isn't addictive and harmful for you.  All I'm asking is to put the candy in an aisle so shoppers at a drug store are tempted.   Who do you think shops there, people on medications, many with addictive behaviors?

New York City Bans Sale of Tobacco in pharmacies.

"“Pharmacies are places of health and should not sell deadly consumer products,” according to a statement from de Blasio’s office about the ban."