Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Home Alone This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and to those of us who are truly alone no siblings, nieces or nephews or family that accept you for who you are and welcome you.   I'm blessed to have accepting Cousins whom I'll be sharing Thanksgiving with, I'm also blessed to and friends and neighbors who are accepting of me and to be living in a State that is LGBT Affirmative.  Not all states are the same.

There are many reasons people are alone, never married, married no children, married and divorced, outlived members of your family, abandoned by family, not accepted by your families if your gay, distance, immobile, mental and physical health issues, poverty, etc.  Know you're not alone and know there are resources available.

Check with your local and State senior service agencies.  Look for a similar disclosure (below), where I live in New Jersey, our County welcomes all.  If you don't see one, ask.

Bergen County Division of Senior Services supports and promotes diverse and inclusive communities, and does not discriminate based on age, color, creed, gender, gender identity, mental or physical disability, national origin, political affiliation, race, or sexual orientation in its provision of services or employment practises. 

The inspiration for this post is from such a program, each year the neighboring community of Garfield, NJ invites seniors to participate in their annual Thanksgiving Celebration.   Thanks to the Borough of Cliffside Park's own Senior Activity Center buses are provided. -- Thank You, Linda, Phyllis and all who work there for all you do.  Happy Thanksgiving!!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Stephen! Your message beams across the footlights. I too share loss of family by death, distance and decision. A living sister has decided to have nothing to do with me after our parents died and to be honest having come to agree it's better to disassociate than fight an uphill battle. My niece and nephew, her two kids, have decided to cut ties as adults abiding by their mother’s decision. Another sister died by suicide in 1995. I'm grateful to be close with her daughter and family of five, although they live in Florida a distance from Philadelphia. Aloneness can be year round feeling more profound loneliness around holidays. Being alone is a state of mind and decision. Finding logical family of choice as a substitute for biological family also is year round. So when holidays come around, there is someone close or far to call or visit. Thanks Stephen for sharing your story and reminding us we don’t have to be alone.