Saturday, December 8, 2018

Have You ever heard someone say, Smile................

Smiling increases face value 

Have you ever heard someone say, smile it increases your face value?  I have and want to share who wrote this., meet American Author: Robert Harling

Smile, it increases your face value. " A quote from the American writer Robert Harling states a reality-based quote which helps you to increase your beauty and appearance just from a natural jewelry that is free called as SMILE.

A few days ago I caught up with my friends and neighbors who I've gotten to know, all sharing laughter as we share stories and jokes around other topics that pop up during our afternoon or some wee hours of the evenings. When I caught up with them, they usual say, "here comes trouble," as I never know what I'm going to say, but it's always done with love and respect, the shared goal is laughter and smiling.

Boy do we smile, this evening just plain goofiness.  This past evening we spent a fair amount of time of laughing about the pronunciation of General Tso's Chicken, dark meat, white meat, and also Crab Rangoon the cream cheese puffs, we each had our own way of pronuncing these.

Another funny share...picture me eating candy and placing the wrappers in the one ladies jacket pockets, the prankster I am.   It was priceless, her going out another day and reaching into her pocket wondering where did this come from, "I bet it was Steve,." next day she asked me and I confessed yes and smiles and a hug.

Out of nowhere I say adult diapers can be bought in bulk, 4,000 shipped in boxes at $.89 each and we laughed on that.  Sometimes we just laugh off each others laughter and tonight was one of those nights.

Laughter and smiling release Endorphins which, "make us feel happier and less stressed. They also act as the body's natural painkillers. For sufferers of chronic pain, laughing and smiling can be very effective in pain management, as can laughing off the pain when you bump an elbow or fall over."

(the photo credit Helpguide)

Many of us are up in age, me the baby at age 60 so we all suffer from one aliment or another but all with chronic pain.  So we laugh.

Photo's of friends and family 
in my life last November 2018

Monday, December 3, 2018

The Story of Bipolar Shorts

The idea for bipolar shorts came about when I was riding the bus through the Lincoln tunnel several years ago.  An accident occurred injuring "thirty-one people hurt after two Buses Collided In the Lincoln Tunnel".  The bus I was on not involved, but it triggered a severe panic attack.

Here's what took place, thanks to an educated passenger yelling to the bus driver he needs to get out, he's suffering a panic attack.   The Bus driver explaining he can't let passengers out in the tunnel, he finally does and I immediately calm down, a minute later I feel a hand on my shoulder from the driver of another bus, instructing me to come into his bus that had plenty of seats, air if I walked into an oxygen tent.   It was here that I drew upon deep breathing skills I learned also a woman offered me a bottle of water, one other holding my hand and another woman handed me a pen and paper saying try drawing or writing something that this will help you stay focused, I did as it worked and there began the creation of bipolar shorts. 

In addition to the above anxiety and panic disorders I struggle with, now my hands and wrist are becoming problematic due to peripheral neuropathy so when I write, I write short sentences, step away and go back and finish when I have flare-ups.

Pictured below is a series of photos of my creating bipolar shorts using pencils and post-it notes helping me space out the colored boxer shorts in photo number one. 

Next is image number two showing a clothesline inspired by my childhood apartment building, I remember clothes hanging back and forth.

A friend connected me with a graphic designer who created the last mage.  We met to talk about what I was wanting and she sent me a few to decide from and I decided on image number two which is used in the blog cover photo.

If you suffer anxiety and possible panic disorder, neuropathy, arthritis, or any other chronic medical or mental disorder and use meditation, breathing exercises maybe you too might want to write to help relax, it helps me.

Have fun writing.


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Home Alone This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and to those of us who are truly alone no siblings, nieces or nephews or family that accept you for who you are and welcome you.   I'm blessed to have accepting Cousins whom I'll be sharing Thanksgiving with, I'm also blessed to and friends and neighbors who are accepting of me and to be living in a State that is LGBT Affirmative.  Not all states are the same.

There are many reasons people are alone, never married, married no children, married and divorced, outlived members of your family, abandoned by family, not accepted by your families if your gay, distance, immobile, mental and physical health issues, poverty, etc.  Know you're not alone and know there are resources available.

Check with your local and State senior service agencies.  Look for a similar disclosure (below), where I live in New Jersey, our County welcomes all.  If you don't see one, ask.

Bergen County Division of Senior Services supports and promotes diverse and inclusive communities, and does not discriminate based on age, color, creed, gender, gender identity, mental or physical disability, national origin, political affiliation, race, or sexual orientation in its provision of services or employment practises. 

The inspiration for this post is from such a program, each year the neighboring community of Garfield, NJ invites seniors to participate in their annual Thanksgiving Celebration.   Thanks to the Borough of Cliffside Park's own Senior Activity Center buses are provided. -- Thank You, Linda, Phyllis and all who work there for all you do.  Happy Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 19, 2018

One of Our Own, Long Term Survivor awarded POZ 100 2018

"As a gay man living with HIV, mental illness and addiction, Mark wanted to help others living with such conditions.  To that end, in 2003, Mark, who has survived suicide attempts as well as prostate cancer, founder Pink & Bluesa peer-run recovery support group and safe space for LGBTQI people living with mental illness, substance abuse and health conditions, including HIV."

click here--> The POZ 100 2018 Mark A. Davis <--click here 
for the POZ Magazine listing 

"In 1987, Mark was elected founding president of the Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers' Association. A year later, he was diagnosed HIV positive."

"In 2009 Mark was awarded a Consumer Leadership Voice Award by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration for his work in the mental health field, including advocating with survivors of suicide attempts.  Mark's goal is to help eliminate needless deaths by suicide and overdose that disproportionately affect LGBTQI people from all generations." (POZ 100 2018)"

I had the pleasure of meeting Mark back in 2008 at the LGBT Center in NYC where he was presenting on a panel discussion on Mental Health sponsored hosted by the Rainbow Heights Club.

Mark and I continued working together on various projects with the National Alliance on Mental Health and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration since then.

Pictured above is a recent photo of Mark and I attending The Reunion Project Philidelphia.  We both spoke up on mental illness that day when the mic was passed around, others that same day started opening up about their own mental health and addiction recoveries.  Know you are not alone.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Anti-inflammatory Chicken Soup

Home alone I keep very little in the house as it motivates me to get up and get out as staying inside isn't good for my depression.  In the picture above is one of my quick meals using unsalted or low sodium chicken broths, frozen veggies as the base. I use turmeric powder, grated fresh ginger and black pepper for my spices. 

I mix it up by adding diced chicken breast, or brown rice, or both.  When on sale I add quinoa, you pretty much can add what you like, garlic, onions.  

Set a timer, I do as I get easily distracted, also just safe.

Have fun.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Am I the only person who eats Snickers with a knife.

November 3rd, 2018

I snapped this photo and started to write a story, like in English class where your teacher takes out a photo and says give me 175 words on the count of three."  

One, two, three begin.

It's after midnight I'm wide awake surfing on my Facebook groups and sure enough, my sweet tooth kicks in and I'm craving a Snickers. I change back into my jeans and head down to the lobby snack room, one of the many luxuries of living at Riverview Towers.

While waiting for an elevator one of my neighbors comes into the lobby sees me with my snickers bar and I said to her that I use a knife when I eat my snickers and we both chuckled.  It was one of those spurs of a moment jokes.

I'm back in my apartment, back into my PJ's, back surfing my Facebook groups ready to eat my Snickers and decided to snap the photo above and start writing.  Halfway into my story I Google, "am I the only person who eats a Snickers with a knife,"  apparently not!

Click here ---> Snickers Bar

Laughter is the best medicine

November 2nd, 2018

Who doesn't enjoy laughter? seated here are a few of my neighbors and boy do we make each other laugh.  Laugher is better than the medicines we take and who wouldn't like to take fewer pills.

 seated L - R Elsie, Mary Vicki 
standing -Maryanne and kneeling myself

Here's to many more years of laughter and support to one another.